Mrs. Alice Joseph
 Managing Trustee

These are the words of praise that comes to my mind when I think about our school’s 43 years journey which started way back in 1972, when Sopara was just a village and tongas were the means of transportation. Without God’s showers of blessing I am sure we would not have seen the beautiful lights of this evening, when we are all gathered here to celebrate our school’s Annual Parent’s Day.
Looking back to 1972 when we had started the school in Burhan Chowk, never in my dreams I had thought that our school would reach this stage with a strength of over 2,800 students, to be guided and taken care by around 80 staff members. In all these years our school has been blessed with good academic and co-curricular results.
All this is possible due to the unstinted support and faith of our parents who have stood by the school through thick and thin. We are really indebted to them and pray for their well being and happiness, today and forever.
Any system’s efficiency depends on the smooth functioning of all its components like a wrist watch, in the same way in our school the teachers have been collaborating with all the dynamics involved to produce the most beautiful outcomes i.e. our dearest students. We are really blessed in having such an honest and efficient team of teachers who have stood the test of time and helped the school in successfully sending 27 batches of S.S.C. students.
I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the unstinted support and co-operation of the Board of Trustees and well wishers who have extended their wholehearted support in helping the school attain its present stature. Notable amongst them is Shri. Vithal Lubal and Shri. A.R. Dafedar, who will be in our prayers always.
Little Flower’s however would not have been so beautiful without the thousands of beautiful buds who blossomed into beautiful Flowers and are surely bringing cheer and happiness in the lives of their near and dear ones. Yes, I am referring to my dearest students who are our inspiration and motivation to embark on this beautiful journey from darkness to light. I thank them for being so patient and loving without which I am sure all this would just be aimless.
Last, but not the least, I would like to thank the people of Nallasopara for having faith in our mission and I am sure they will always be by our side in future also. Before concluding I thank God and pray that he continues to guide and bless us.